DatosGeologia Limited (DGL) is a company incorporated in Nigeria in 2015 to provide upstream consulting and data/document management services within and

outside the Nigerian Petroleum Industry. The company is an advisory and technical services organisation focused on value creation and optimization through the

provision of commercial, technical ideas and solutions. Our integrated approach combines multiple expertise to deliver a broad and in-depth level of services to

support our clients.

The company is manned by an integrated team of immensely experienced professionals with a broad range of technical, operational, contractual, commercial and

transaction skills in Oil and Gas assets optimization. The team is uniquely positioned to provide high quality, independent oil and gas analytical and operational

services to a wide variety of companies.

Through focused interactions with our clients, DatosGeologia is able to identify and understand the needs and drivers of our clients; and consequently evolve

strategies and solutions to achieve our clients desired results.

Our overriding and constant objective is to “maximize the value of assets or economic opportunities for our clients”.