Data & Document Management (DDMS)

    1.    Consulting on the transformation and migration of legacy hardcopy technical library data to digital format.

    2.    Capture, Conversion, Storage and Marketing of structured data such as well logs etc

    3.    In collaboration with August-Pixels, manage the capture, conversion, storage & marketing of metadata.

    4.    Data Warehousing and Mining, Archiving, preservation and offsite storage.

    5.    Creation, maintenance and management of archival paper, tape and digital data.

    6.    Cloud Computing Services & Software Solutions, Some software utilised include SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Allegra

    7.    Generation of “Field Development Plans”

    8.    (FDP) and obtaining required approvals.

    9.    Well Engineering and Design

           Some Clients and ongoing projects include Alpha Gas, Lekoil, Candidoil, General Electric